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Wow Private you certainly are interested in being a great military recruit! I officially take back what I said about your momma’.

You’ve found SGT Volkin’s second best-selling book The Ultimate Interactive Basic Training Workbook, What You Must Know to Survive and Thrive in Boot Camp. (Read the Table of Contents or listen to a preview). This book is the second book in the Ultimate Basic Training Series. One of the most popular aspects of the Interactive Workbook is the ability for the reader to be placed in actual basic training scenarios.

The reader must then decide how to approach the situation. There are also hundreds of multiple choice questions and various military study guides for all branches of service. You will leave for basic training knowing exactly what to expect from your drill sergeants. Also included in the book is the same basic training fitness program that was featured in the Guidebook, but this program has full size workout logs to track your progress. This interactive book will show you how to surpass the physical and mental standards of basic training.

The workbook is interactive, which means (in addition to the paperback information) you can log onto a secret website and see real videos of basic training, expanded audio content and much more. The workbook goes well beyond what any traditional book can provide and is a perfect supplement to The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook.You will:• Review hundreds of questions and answers with word games and memorization exercises

Have access to an interactive website linked to content in the book so you can learn from actual basic training videos, audio clips and more.



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